Often one asks oneself whether one needs a Thai Massage, or whether perhaps only a light painkiller, a syringe, or a visit to the family doctor could solve one’s own problems and pain.

In this article we will try to explain what points you should look at to decide when to go for massage or other forms of healing.

There are many forms of massage, including traditional Thai massage, Western/Swedish massage, hot stone massage, orthopedic massage, yoga treatment.

In case of pain, headaches or tension, a visit to a massage practice can be useful.

The therapist can determine the patient’s physical condition and draw up a treatment plan, recommend a special therapy, or generally say whether his experience is sufficient to satisfy the patient’s wishes.

Already at the first session, a thorough assessment can determine where the pain comes from and how it can best be relieved.

A massage can relax the musculature, strengthen the tendons, restore the physical balance so that the body feels like new at the end.

The use of painkillers may bring short-term relief, but should not be used for long periods because of the side effects.

Therapeutic manual treatment would be more appropriate.

One should be concerned, however, that pain can often build up over several months or years and occur suddenly.

However, this is not the case.

Therefore one cannot expect in a single short session, which may last only 30 minutes, that the blockades will be released for all eternities.

So several sessions would be necessary to feel completely relaxed and recovered.

A general and rough recommendation is that if you have problems that have existed for many years, you should afford a massage about every two weeks to relieve deep-seated tensions and bring your energetic state back to optimal balance.

After that, a one-month treatment would suffice to maintain the now pain-free and good condition without any problems.

It is therefore advisable to seek either a telephone conversation or a non-binding consultation with a therapist in order to clarify in a personal conversation whether the physical issues can be resolved.

Clearly you have to inform the therapist about your own difficulties, pain, but also your personal goals, so that the therapist can coordinate the treatment with you.

This already shows whether the chemistry between the therapist and the patient is right and whether one feels well.

One can answer quite clearly, if one asks oneself now the question whether one needs massage, then one should avoid the grasp to pain relievers, take the telephone into the hand, and give oneself on the search for a suitable practice and treatment form.

Once you have found a good Thai massage practice, nothing stands in the way of your own recovery and relaxation, and new fresh health.