In the length I have summarized this again here:

But in the brevity:

No more gastrointestinal problems with me, no more spontaneous diarrhoea (caused by cereal products)
We lost almost 25 kg.
Acne and pimples practically completely disappeared.
Stone Age nutrition experiences
I started to change my diet in 2010.

At that time I weighed 87 kg!

2012 I was down to about 65 kg.

Now I weigh about 75 kg, but that has to do with strength training.

I can hold my weight effortlessly, without any problems for years!

And former gastrointestinal problems are over.

I owe all this practically only to a healthy diet, some research, and a little discipline.

Whereby the omission of bad food, above all grain products, really only in the first week was difficult for me.

Because my stomach and my intestines thanked this new form of nutrition already after short time by perfect digestion.

And already after a few weeks my weight reduced practically effortlessly, my digestion normalized, and diarrhoea belonged to the past.

Are there any disadvantages with Stone Age nutrition?
I am completely honest with you!

Yes, there are disadvantages that go into the money!

In the time when I lost weight, I had to change my trousers three times, and also buy new shirts and T-shirts twice, for a period of 18 months.
You can imagine that this was a bit costly.

I went from trouser size 37 to 32-33.

Instead of L-XL I can now wear S, also detailed.

I feel more comfortable, slim, vital, and am glad that my clothes are no longer “sloppy” over me.

All this without starving!

But I want to tell you something else!

Diarrhoea done
I have had irregular diarrhoea since childhood.

In the past I always thought something like that was normal!

After consuming spaghetti, with greasy hack sauce, it would be normal, just like you once caught a bad pizza in the pizzeria…
Already after a short time, or a few hours, my body and my gastrointestinal tract reacted with diarrhoea.

An unpleasant, very disturbing, painful, but also intimate story that I had at that time.

Yes, I can tell you with success!

Since the Stone Age dietary change, diarrhoea has disappeared.

O.k.: one exception: once I had eaten half a can of prunes, of course I wasn’t doing so well afterwards ☺

final result
Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables
Lean and healthy meat
Important fats and oils
No cereal products
Avoid sausages, salty products, other industrially produced foodstuffs as far as possible.
More fruit, more vegetables?
Processed products such as sausage or cheese, greatly reduced?
As a result:

Acne and pimples disappeared.
Overweight reduced.
Gastrointestinal problems no longer existent.
These are my reasons why I can recommend this form of nutrition to everyone!!!

Simple rules that will give you a long and healthy experience.