The Paleo Diet is about a natural and sustainable diet. Despite some similarities Paleo is not the same as original taste. Put simply, the Paleo diet is a Stone Age diet. With lots of vegetables, high-quality animal products, fruit and the renunciation of cereals and legumes, you can eat much better and healthier.

The Paleo diet includes essential points of the nutrition of the ancestors. It cuts off everything that stands in the way of losing weight.

The Paleo diet is also called a Stone Age diet. It describes a simple concept which has been tried and tested for hundreds of thousands of years and which is supposed to lead to an ideal body weight and full performance. In the center of this Di?t stands the quality of the food and not their quantity. It is therefore a natural human diet. However, this form of nutrition should not imitate life in the Stone Age.

Rather, this diet is based on the diet of the hunter-gatherer ancestors. The focus is on meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

Does this diet have weaknesses?
The people of the Stone Age have eaten depending on the climatic zones. Furthermore, some intolerances for otherwise harmless food may exist. One cannot say with full conviction what was actually eaten in the past. However, most people also know that there was no ice cream and fries with majo at that time.

What is certain is that there is no such thing as a Stone Age diet and that it cannot exist. In order to handle the Paleo diet sensibly, one must also have the necessary awareness for it. The whole concept should rather be a starting point and an approach. Unfortunately, there cannot be a healthy diet for everyone. On the other hand there can be an individually optimized nutrition.

Paleo diet in the restaurant eat?
With this type of diet, you might feel like trying it in a restaurant. Up to this point it is still difficult to find a restaurant especially for this diet. However, many restaurants also offer dishes that are very similar to the Paleo diet. As a rule, these are restaurants that are extremely hygienically clean and use high-quality folded towel paper in the toilet area. Furthermore, restaurants suitable for the Paleo diet can be recognized by the fact that they are very environmentally friendly and the naturalness of the products in the foreground.