This article was contributed by Alexander, sharing his personal paleo diet results:

After a short time my digestion and my gastrointestinal system have improved!

Already since my youth and also puberty, I have had digestive problems.

This was quickly shown by diarrhoea, after I ate food with cereal products.

The visit of a pizzeria, or also the meal of a Döner, could affect me already after short time explosively.

My body resisted after eating larger amounts of pizza or noodles with diarrhoea.

You can imagine that such a thing is not a pleasant thing.

In the past I always pointed out something like this to food that was too spicy, too fatty…

I didn’t always have these problems after consuming these bad foods, so it was hard to find a simple solution!

Since I have been strictly following the paleo diet, my digestive system has been in the best of shape!

As long as I do not eat cereal products, I can eat practically anything I want!

Diarrhoea is therefore a thing of the past for me.

Paleodiet Before After Success through proper training and a healthy diet

If you want to look like I used to look: Keep away from sports (walking, sprinting, weight lifting), lots of carbohydrates, lots of whole grain products and cereals. That was fun! Hands off! Eat clean, train properly!
If you want to look like me now, then learn the Paleo diet and Stone Age nutrition and proper training!!! I explain this in the video!

I don’t eat grain anymore, because we don’t want gluten intolerance!

Bread = cardboard and bird food! Bread is for the garbage, dead carbohydrates.

Keywords coeliac disease, celiac disease, gluten, and even worse whole grain!
“Alexander, why don’t you eat bread anymore”, “Yes, bread makes you stupid and sick”.

We humans get sick through cereals, gluten, lectins, phytates damage you and your body!

Whole grain, besides, makes even more sick! Keyword anti-nutrients in bread and pasta! Keyword gluten intolerance. Hands off bread, pasta, corn, rice. By renouncing grain in the Stone Age diet, my digestion works excellently, no diarrhea, no stomach problems, and colds much more rarely and if, shorter!

Quite little sugar is eaten, insulin levels normalize, and your fat burning regulates itself super!

I myself am down from 87 kg to 65-67 kg! No treadmill, no jogging! 80% is nutrition, the rest is training and sports!

No pulses, like beans, peas, lentils: too many carbohydrates and anti-nutrients!

Healthy oils and fats round everything off! Gluten-free diet and Paleo Diet!

Paleo has made my cooking much easier! And of course healthier! And sometimes I also cook in the evening at 22 o’clock! If you have few carbohydrates in your food, you don’t have a strong insulin level and can eat when you want and are hungry.