Baked conventionally? Or homemade gluten-free bread?

For me, the special bread represents a double-edged sword in gluten-free nutrition.

Whether with corn flour gluten-free, potato flour or nut flour:

A high insulin level through high carbohydrate density, and thus the danger of fat storage (you get fat through too much carbohydrates!)
Corn flour is similar to cereal flour in the form of gluten toxin (Chris Kresser)
Baked from walnut flour maybe. But then please also without unnecessary additives.

Lactose intolerance
Luckily, I’m not lactose intolerant!

But I don’t like milk because of the feeling of fullness.

Besides, milk is highly hormonally contaminated, contains too few nutrients and the process of pasteurisation and homogenisation makes a good product a poison for the human organism.

Pasteurization destroys “important” bacteria that help the intestines digest milk.
Homogenization splits the fat molecules so small that they represent foreign bodies for the body and are fought with antibodies.
Difference between gluten allergy and wheat allergy
Unfortunately, I can’t say if I can’t tolerate only gluten-containing products or if I react to wheat additionally. Or vice versa, if I only react to wheat, for example, but can eat other gluten-containing cereals.

However, I have to say that by omitting any kind of cereal products my digestion has improved as mentioned and I have also lost many unnecessary kilograms of weight.

For me, too, this means that in the future I will have to keep my distance from all kinds of food that cereals contain.

If you want to know whether you react to wheat or gluten in general, you should go to an allergologist.

You don’t need medication ?

Healthy balanced food is the most important thing!!!

Detailed experiences with a gluten-free diet and a cereal-free diet

I’m pretty sure that when you read this article, you’re worried about a gluten-free diet, or have any incompatibilities or problems with cereal products yourself.

But don’t worry, I don’t see this as a disease or a problem, but as a new chance for a healthy diet change.

For me it was like this that I started to deal with healthy nutrition in 2010 because I was over 20 kg overweight.

I have moved from the low carb diet to the paleo diet over three corners, and since 2010 I have been following these nutritional principles myself, including the complete renunciation of cereal products.

What positive effects did I feel after the changeover?
I think the best thing I experienced was that I could effortlessly reduce my body weight by about 20 kg over a period of about 18 months!
As said before, without starving effortlessly the weight reduced and also lastingly!

Even now, I have no difficulty keeping my weight and I don’t worry about what to eat or what not to eat!

Another advantage is that my digestion has normalized.
Already since my youth and puberty I can remember that I had irregular problems with my digestion!

I practically never knew after which consumption of food my body reacted with diarrhoea.

I think you will know the situation where you have gastrointestinal problems after consuming cereal products.

Unfortunately, as I said, it was irregular for me, so I always thought it was due to fatty meals or too strong spices.

But it was only since the change in diet in 2010 that I came to the conclusion that it was because of the sick cereal products.

Let’s summarize briefly:

Diarrhoea, done!
Gastrointestinal problems solved!
And weight reduced by 20 kg!
I’m doing great, I feel great and I think you can do that too!

Were there also disadvantages with the changeover?
Yes, something must be said about that!

With new nutrition my unnecessary body weight has of course also decreased!

This was accompanied by the purchase of smaller clothing sizes.
So you can simply imagine that the loss of 20 kg ended up having to buy two or three new shirts and trousers.

Yes, it wasn’t cheap.

But one is somehow proud to bring the things that have become too small into the old clothes collection when one can now see his slim and healthy body in the mirror.

You can do that too!