In this article I will describe the health benefits of the paleo diet.

One often wonders what the healthy benefits of a new diet could be? I explain that to you, Alexander from, here.

This is to be answered very simply, and can be clarified in few paragraphs.

One must stress first of all that this form of the nutrition is very careful for the body, and one sufficiently with Vitaminen, macro nutrients, as well as important trace elements and minerals supplies.

A deficiency supply, as with other would-be diets, is excluded.

So you don’t have to worry that if you have a long-term habit of eating in this way, your body will suffer any damage from it.

Back to the biggest question: what are the benefits?
The hormone balance stabilizes.

This is due to the fact that we eat a low-carbohydrate diet.

In contrast to other western diets, the hormone balance is not disturbed by an excessively high insulin level.

Conscious nutrition keeps insulin levels low and evenly distributed throughout the day.

If too much of the hormone insulin is produced and too much is present in the body, it disrupts processes in the body and the whole body cannot function properly.

In the paleo diet, the insulin level is very low, even throughout the day, and therefore the diet is very gentle on body and soul.

Fat build-up and fat loss normalize.

By consciously avoiding bad foods such as bread, pizza, pasta and noodles, one’s own body weight can be reduced to a normal and balanced level in the long run. And normalize.

You can maintain your weight, reduce it, and lose weight.

Since fat build-up and fat loss are normalized, body weight is reduced to normal sizes.

You have more energy and feel more vital.

Since you eat more healthy food and the entire diet consists of many healthy foods, you feel much better physically.

The digestion works better, so that the body has more energy, which it can extract from the healthy foods and vital substances.

Diseases such as acne can decrease.

There is a very large connection with an excessive diet, which consists of bread, pizza, pasta, and also dairy products, that these can cause acne and other diseases of the skin, also an increased number of pimples can occur.