I know you’re not sure what to eat now.

But don’t worry!
This is really not really difficult or complicated.

Lots of fruit and vegetables, you probably remember from kindergarten.
But for little people, as for adults, this is just as true!

It provides the body with important vitamins, minerals, and also brings the acid-base balance in a good balance.

You can eat practically all kinds of vegetables, fruit of course you should not eat 2 kg of it every day, because you would then eat too much fructose sugar.

Also use healthy fats and oils, because these also need body!
It is recommended to switch to healthier fats such as butter or oil such as macadamia nut oil and olive oil.

Animal fats on meat are VERY recommended. Lard is an excellent fat for frying, and tastes extremely good.

However, you should note that it comes from an extremely good source, and the animals are kept species-appropriate.

As already said, margarine is absolutely taboo.

Don’t worry, if you eat healthy food, you don’t have to be afraid of fat.

Make sure you have enough protein, from a good meat quality, I know this is sometimes difficult to achieve, and also quite expensive.
A simple alternative in this case would be to use organic products.

If you don’t like meat so much, another good alternative is egg consumption.

Also do not worry: because of the cholesterol level, eggs have proven, if they come from good qualities, no bad, on the contrary excellent and good effects on humans.

The only important thing is that they come from good quality and good feed, then you automatically have a good omega-3 to omega-6 content of fatty acids.

This may all seem difficult to you now, but recipes are quick, easy and practical.

Stone Age Nutrition Recipes
In this article I will give you tips and advice on how to prepare simple Stone Age recipes.

Recipes are fast, cheap, and easy to prepare.

You only need a few, fresh and healthy ingredients.

And my one-pan rules save you unnecessary rinsing in the kitchen.

But please read on.

A Simple Recipe for a Stone Age Nutrition Breakfast

Simple ingredients:

Two eggs
Half a cucumber
Some olive oil
A few olives
A tomato
A little butter
Fry the two eggs in a pan with a little butter.

When the whole thing is done, put on the plate, together with olives, tomatoes, and cucumber, some salt and pepper over it, possibly some herbs, and do not forget: Olive oil for good taste, and healthy fatty acids.

Fast and simple and healthy breakfast, which will keep you healthy and vital for several hours throughout the morning.

What can a Stone Age lunch look like?

I think you often think too much, and too much work for lunch.

You can really keep this simple!

Some lean meat, chicken meat is advantageous, fry it, and when it’s lightly done, steam some vegetables in the residual heat of the pan.
I prefer carrots, or for example savoy cabbage, or white cabbage, which can be cooked very quickly and tastes excellent!

Leave some meat for the evening!

What can dinner look like?
Paleo diet recipe – lunch – minced meat – vegetables – onions
Paleo diet recipe – lunch – minced meat – vegetables – onions

Don’t worry about this, too.

You still have some chicken meat left?


A small handful of nuts, but no peanuts, because they are unhealthy, combined with some dried fruit.

Maybe you also have fresh fruit at hand? Two bananas, one apple, excellent.

And a piece of dark chocolate to enjoy, saturated, is also very healthy, rounds off the whole dinner.

If you have prepared something two or three times according to these principles, you have understood in no time at all how simple, fast and practically healthy a diet can be.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make bread, pizza or paste.

By eating enough protein, healthy oil, and fruit regularly, you will have the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids without starving!

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner don’t have to be difficult!