What is Stone Age nutrition?

In this case, I go there and see it not as a diet, but as a healthy change in diet.

In our society, diet is always associated with fast weight loss, and the lost weight is quickly brought back to the hips. Everyone probably knows the yo-yo effect.

It is much better to reduce your weight gently and in the long run, or to keep your own weight without problems and effortlessly.

I have been following this form since 2010, and have achieved amazing results myself.

I will describe this to you on this page.

Don’t worry!
My name is Alexander and I really exist!

On numerous videos, as well as pictures, you can see my successes and my way to a slimmer and healthier body.

Personally I also have some complaints about the whole “I lost 20 kg in four weeks” websites and reports.

May these be true, but without a proper diet change you will not get rid of this initially lost weight permanently.

And that’s the worry I have, and I’m sure it makes many people insecure: initial short-term successes, but a disappointment in the long run. That’s the way most diets are.

The goal of my website: to bring you closer to healthy nutrition.

Therefore, please read on.

How could one summarize the most important Stone Age diet rules?
One does without unnecessary and too many carbohydrates.
Rice or potatoes are very rare
Bad and disease-causing cereal products (more on this later) are completely omitted.
Artificial sugar is reduced to a healthy and normal level as far as possible.
In small quantities you can consume dairy products, smoked or salted sausages, but it is better to omit them completely (that would be 100% Paleodiät conform!!).
Processed goods, such as sausages, should be omitted completely if possible.
And you should eat more fresh fruit, healthy vegetables, low-fat and lean meat, and healthy oils and fats.
As you can see, some rules are must, and other rules are a “would be better”.

Because I am honest with you:
Of course, it would be better if you would avoid practically all sugar products, all sausages, all cereals, and all dairy products.

This would be the best thing for your body.

But I’m well aware that for most people, just not using cereal products such as wheat, rolls, pizza, pasta and noodles means a very strong and difficult change.

For me, by the way, it was the same and difficult to follow these rules in the first week.

That is why I interpret the other rules as “it would be better this way”.

Which foods are to be avoided
Completely eliminate all products that contain cereals in any form.

This is taboo:

Bread, pizza, pasta, muesli, pasta, cookies, cakes, etc.
Also new fats and oils are absolutely taboo: above all margarine.

Margarine appears in the body as foreign molecules, and the body reacts with inflammatory reactions.

Of course nobody wants to explain this to you, but these are the results and studies after countless researches and numerous books I have read about it.

Don’t worry: butter is excellent for frying.

Why not cereal products?
First of all, practically all cereal products are highly glycemic.

This means in simple terms: your blood sugar level rises rapidly, a lot of insulin is produced, you then feel tired and flabby, your fat build-up and fat loss in the body, and other hormonal processes are disturbed (you gain weight, or have difficulty losing weight).

What many unfortunately do wrong is to look at each meal separately during the day.

But that’s wrong: you have to look at the total daily insulin production, or starch (sugar) intake, in your diet during the day.

Here there is a simple rule: with about 1 g of starch or carbohydrates or sugar per kilogram of body weight, everything is ok.
From approx. 2 g per 1 kg body weight, the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes or obesity increases. By the way, the risk of cancer also increases, as German cancer research has found out. (Example: 70 kg heavy, 140 g sugar eaten per day: dangerous!)
In addition, especially in whole grain products, there is a large amount of anti-food substances in it, also called anti-nutrients, gluten is also present, and even here inflammatory reactions and gastrointestinal problems are triggered.

The anti-eating substances also bind minerals and simply extract them from your body and bones.