What’s the Stone Age diet? What are my Stone Age diet experiences? What Stone Age Diet recipes are there?

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I would like to call this actually rather a form of nutrition or a change of diet.

I have been doing this since 2010/2011. Of course you can also stay fit with a weight vest.

In short, this is a diet that eliminates unnecessary carbohydrates, virtually eliminates grain consumption, and uses no artificial sugars.

The focus should be on a healthy lifestyle, away from too many harmful products, away from grain products, and also away from processed foods.

One should eat healthier!

Don’t worry, recipes are easy to cook.

Which foods should be avoided?
What is forbidden? This includes without exception:

Muesli, cornflakes, bread, pizza, pasta, noodles and other cereal products.
Processed food should also be avoided as far as possible.

Examples would be canned soups, fruit juices, ready meals, pizzas and other things that do not really exist in all their natural forms: Cakes and cookies!

For example, you avoid many smoked, salted and processed foods, such as sausages.

Bad fats should also be avoided: above all margarine!
Margarine is nothing other than hardened industrial fat, unsuitable for the human body and absolutely unhealthy for humans.

Carbohydrates, products containing starch or sugar should be completely avoided.

I think it is well known that sugar, carbohydrates and starch have negative effects not only on the teeth, but also on insulin levels.

You feel weak, sluggish, have problems maintaining your weight, reducing it, and you can also build up unwanted fat on your body very quickly.

Fruit juices, for example, are also taboo.

These are heat-treated, contain hardly any nutrients and too much fructose.

Fruit juices do not satiate, are very expensive, and have practically no positive effect on the body and no real nutritional value.

Which foods should you eat?
One should eat much healthier, fruit and vegetables are on the menu.

You can eat practically all kinds of vegetables you find, the more the better!

Fruit is also excellent because it contains lots of healthy vitamins!

You should also remember that healthy fats are also very important.

Humans need these to build up certain cells in the body.

Recommended fats and oils would be here:

Butter, olive oil, macadamia nut oil or coconut oil.
Also one needs accordingly healthy proteins, these are in the lean meat, prefers grass fed animals, which do not come from the fattening attitude.

Also fresh eggs are excellent, contain these healthy fats, and good proteins.

How long has this form of nutrition existed?
It arrived in Germany around the beginning of 2005 and is recommended and maintained by an enthusiastic community.

In other countries it has been known for a long time.

What positive effects can you achieve with it?
I speak here times of my experiences, summarizing:

no more diarrhoea,
Weight incredible 20 kg decreased,
more vitality and no more afternoon fatigue.
By the way: Klaus Beimer from Lindenstraße has also lost 18 kilograms due to this change in diet!

Are dairy products permitted?
Here there are two very different opinions:

Some do not generally recommend dairy products or cheese products.

Dairy products and cheese products are a new-fangled invention, and not really optimal for the body.

For some others, milk products or cheese are o.k..

I myself see myself a bit in the middle here.

However, I recommend protein-rich cheeses such as Parmesan cheese or lactose-free cheese products such as goat cheese.

I have reduced the consumption of cheese products, but I don’t avoid them altogether.

You have to see for yourself whether you can tolerate dairy products or cheese products, if not, you should leave them out of your diet.

In short, people don’t really need milk or cheese.

But I don’t think it should be avoided as much as cereal products.