Meanwhile, there is hardly anything you can do to protect yourself from working with the screen. It’s certainly good to work around 8 hours a day with a decent employer. During this time you will also spend most of your time in front of a computer screen. In this respect, there is no way out. Because the Internet and the computers are not to be excluded from the working life any more.

Already after one year at the PC one needs glasses
This statement certainly looks familiar. Years of computer work can endanger the health of your eyes. However, computer work does not necessarily have to be harmful to the eyes. There are effective methods to protect your eyesight.

Eye protection in all the screen work does not necessarily mean that you need a better screen or should sit less at the computer. Anyone who buys a good monitor today that emits hardly any measurable radiation and has a good image can protect their eyes better. Surely, however, it cannot be wrong to spray your eyes with eye spray at regular intervals. So you can make sure that your eyes have enough tear fluid.

Many companies today are doing everything they can to protect their employees’ eyes. They make checklists to make the right choice of computers. And don’t forget that an office workstation is not abstract. It is not only office furniture, technology and EC directives that determine quality. It is also the people who have to optimise the workplace.

Only to be seen as a partial solution
But working on a computer can also be a challenge with a good monitor. It’s not just the bad monitors that cause eye discomfort. In fact, psychological problems can be the cause of eye problems. As far as glasses are concerned, you should defend yourself against them as long as possible. Unfortunately, glasses are not much more than a crutch.

The main problem with screen work is due to myopia caused by constant vision at too short a distance. There are neck pain, red and burning eyes and much more. Even the EC regulations on ergonomic workplaces cannot really help in this case.

What you can do
The most important countermeasures include simple eye exercises such as palming, not smoking on the screen and a spectacle wearer massage.