In just 18 months I have reduced my body weight by 50 pounds for myself hardly to believe!

That was almost 25 kg!
I am from the trousers size 37-38 down to 32!
At first sight this might sound nice and impressive.

But this was also connected with disadvantages, which one does not see at first sight immediately.

Because here I had to change all my trousers three times, and also all my shirts and T-shirts twice.
A little something that probably very few people openly admit: but this was, as you can imagine, very expensive!

I’m writing this article now, and I’ve been able to hold my weight effortlessly since 2010.

All this without starving.

If I had to summarize this system for myself again, for me the most important points would be these:

To do without unnecessary carbohydrates.
To completely eliminate bad and disease-causing foods from cereals.
Eat more vegetables, more fruit, lean meat.
Because also my digestive system became better!

I had often eaten bread, pizza, pasta in the past, and often had irregular diarrhoea actions afterwards. Very painful!

Perhaps unknown to many, but for me it has been a pain since my puberty.

I practically never knew after which food I would get gastrointestinal problems.

In the past I had always attributed this to fatty or wrong foods, but today I know: it was the combination with too much cereal products.

Too much bread, too much pasta, too much pasta confused my digestive system so much that it could only fight it with diarrhoea.

Since I’ve banned all these bad products from my lifestyle, I can’t remember when I ever had such a seizure in the past.

O.K.: I am honest!
When I once ate half a can of prunes at the end of 2012, the next morning I didn’t feel so good in the toilet ?

(Therefore: please do not imitate such nonsense.)

But back to the actual topic: it has already been proven several times how bad cereal products are for people, that gluten triggers inflammatory reactions and gastrointestinal problems, and that cereals are very heavily contaminated with pesticides, in addition there are also anti-nutrients and anti-food substances.

The worst: whole grain products! Contain these even more disease-causing substances.

Besides grain products are highly glykämisch, release a very strong rise of the insulin mirror, load the pancreas, obstruct the fat processing in the body, so that the body has difficulties the fat structure and fat dismantling to operate. The result of this is that you are eating more and more weight.

Were there any other positive effects?
My skin has also improved!

Because I consume less carbohydrates my insulin level has normalized, this has positive effects on acne or pimples: the less carbohydrates I consume, and the lower the insulin level, the less problems I had with acne.

This is also what I saw when I looked at photos of myself in the past.

Summarized, in a nutshell

Gentle weight, long term, and continuously reduced, total to almost 25 kg.
No diarrhoea, no more problems with stomach or intestines and simpler recipes.
Acne or pimples clearly disappeared.
In addition, I enjoy my meals more, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, and thus have more vitality and vitality throughout the day.

You certainly know the hole you have after a sumptuous, carbohydrate-rich lunch: if you eat lighter, healthier and more consciously, the afternoon hole is not there.

If I have an overview of everything, I can recommend this diet to everyone.

A healthy diet does not have to be difficult!

But I am not only the only one who has lost weight in the long term and gently, the popular Lindenstraße hero Klaus Beimer now also weighs 20 kg less.

Is cheese or milk products o.k.?

Practically everyone has to decide this for themselves.

According to a clearly strict line, cheese and dairy products are also processed foods.

Often hormonally or with antibiotics loaded.

Often come from inferior milk qualities.

We also have bad effects on the acid-base balance of humans.

Many people cannot process the lactose in the cheese products and get flatulence or stomach problems from it.

However, I myself consume very high-protein cheeses such as Parmesan in salads in smaller quantities.

I also have a piece of goat cheese (little lactose) for breakfast.

But I balance the whole thing with enough green stuff to keep the acid-base balance in a good range.

Nevertheless, humans need neither cheese nor milk. And w