All in all, this change in diet has been a complete success for me.

I feel vital, healthy and can start the day with full satisfaction.

That is why I am passing on my experiences here and hope that you will follow this healthy and good example!

My digestion has normalized.
Diarrhoea is a thing of the past.
Unbelievable 25 kg lost.
The collection of old clothes got my old clothes as a donation.
Abdominal girth reduced by 5 cm in 2 months!
2.5 kilos of fat reduced in 3 months.
Reduced to almost no more flatulence!
No diarrhoea.
No hunger attacks.
More energy.
Even daily energy level.
After 5 months I lost 5 kilos of fat (I was quite slim before).
For the first time in my life to see my abdominal muscles!
My weight of 70-75 kg KONSTANT kept over the winter! Without starving!
Other followers make it to about a pound of body fat loss a week, WITHOUT water loss or loss of muscle mass, as with normal diets. This is safe and gentle and long-term. Without starving!

And I can finally eat healthy nuts again, see: Nuts healthy?

Before After? Results? Successes? THE GIBT IT! I am the living proof! 25 kg, gently, long-term and permanently lasting. And I was overweight! And I was NEVER a school sports enthusiast. No, I NEVER had a 1 in sports. (really never!) At the beginning of 2010 I weighed almost 90kg…