Are you interested in the Paleo Diet Pyramid? I’ll tell you which food you can or should eat. The Paleo Nutrition Pyramid simply shows you which foods are healthy or unhealthy.

Discover the health benefits in this article. I will explain to you what you have to consider in the nutrition pyramid in order to eat healthy and vital.

The foods are divided into the following:
Level 1: Fruit and vegetables
Stage 2: Meat / Fish / Poultry / Eggs / Game
Level 3: Healthy fats and oils
Level 4: Supplements and vitamins
Level 1: Fruit and vegetables
This is the predominant proportion of the diet in terms of quantity. Fruit provides you with healthy carbohydrates and essential vitamins. Vegetables not only provide you with micronutrients in vitamins and minerals, but also with healthy fibres and carbohydrates in addition to fruit.

Certain vegetables such as paprika also have an anti-oxidant effect. Certain types of fruit, such as red fruits, cherries, citrus fruits, have a cell-protective effect.

Level 2 for meat / fish / poultry / eggs / game
Important, essential proteins for the highest biological availability – that is why animal meat products are recommended.

Make sure you get them from local organic farms.

These should be kept in a species-appropriate manner and preferably come from grazing and free-range husbandry. This is the only way to achieve the greatest health benefits.

Stage 3 of the nutrition pyramid: healthy fats
Much wrong and little right was reported about fats and oils in the past. Countless international studies prove that fat, for example, does NOT make you fat – but there are certain fats that make you sick. Like trans fats.

The healthiest fats are:

Olive oil.
(Clarified) butter (if you eat primate instead of paleo diet)
Coconut oil/fat
Macadamia nut oil.
Palm fat
And of course all types of lard, such as beef lard, goose lard.

The following are suitable for frying: butter, coconut, palm fat and lard.

Especially saturated fatty acids are heat-stable and an excellent source of healthy fatty acids (source: Mark Sisson).

Level 4: Supplements and vitamins
Yes, even an optimal diet can have deficits, which you can compensate with often small and inexpensive supplements.

Do not use multivitamin supplements. In most cases, money thrown out / luckily. Mostly however by wrong composition these strain your body.

Use mono preparations, such as vitamin C (1g/day), vitamin D (1000-4000 IU / day), you should not absorb enough vitamin C in your diet or let little sunlight on the skin during the day (vitamin D). Source: Optimal Health, Jaminet.

Conclusion on the Paleo Pyramid
So you see, the pyramid is easy to follow! Pay attention to healthy fruits and vegetables, preferably from organic and local cultivation, meat from grazing and species-appropriate free-range husbandry and healthy fats, such as lard, olive oil or coconut oil.