Which Paleo Diet Nuts Are Healthy ? What advice can I give you?

Paleo Diet Nuts

A health myth?
They contain a lot of fat. Nevertheless (or precisely because of that?) many experts attribute a healthy effect to them. Are you right or is this just another lie in the food industry?

I’ll show you what role they play in a balanced paleo diet and what you should definitely avoid.

Valuable and harmful fats
Let me start by saying that you are actually healthy. They supply the body with important omega-3 fatty acids. A balanced intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is an essential part of a paleo diet. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 should be about 1:2. In our western diet, however, the omega-6 content mostly predominates (~1:20). An omega-3-rich diet can protect against cardiovascular problems.

I have already summarized more about paleo fats in a video for you.

Not every nut is equally healthy. In fact, there are even harmful ones that can trigger allergies. Nevertheless, many unsuspecting people stuff them into themselves every day! But we’ll get to that later.

A primeval diet aims at a natural nutrition of our ancestors. Natural foods play a particularly important role here. So it shouldn’t surprise you what I now advise you: eat only unsalted food. Leave even more the fingers of fat-fried with spice mixture.

Some with peel are even better. Why? If you still have to crack the shell, you automatically eat less. Because even if the hard things are healthy, it shouldn’t be more than a handful a day. Personally, I only treat myself to a standard packet of nut kernel mixture per week. This has about 500 – 600 calories.

Which are healthy and allowed
First and foremost, I recommend walnuts. They are particularly rich in high-quality fatty acids. However, they also have a high proportion of Omega 6 fatty acids. My personal favourites are macadamia and pistachios. But hazelnuts, almonds and cashews are also part of a balanced paleo diet.

Unhealthy and even harmful are peanuts. They contain too many calories, carbohydrates and inferior fatty acids. They are often genetically engineered to ensure a higher yield or insensitivity to pests. Many consumers also complain about the allergenic effect of peanuts.

The best
The hard parts are an essential part of a natural paleo diet. They are healthy in moderation. They protect against cardiovascular diseases with omega-3. A handful of untreated ones per day is used as a guideline. However, you should avoid peanuts.