What’s the paleofeeding?

I prefer to describe it as a new form of nutrition or as a kind of change in diet.

Because I see it in such a way that as soon as one speaks of diet, the first thoughts come over short-term successes, and longer-term increasing with JoJo effect.

I will immediately say that I have been following this form of nutrition since the beginning of 2010 and have myself achieved excellent results with it.

How can you summarize this paleo nutrition in a nutshell?
You do without unnecessary carbohydrates.
There is no more consumption of cereal products.
Artificial sugars are avoided as far as possible.
And you eat more fruits, more vegetables, healthy oils and fats, and lean meat.
This may sound a bit difficult to follow at first glance, but paleo nutrition recipes are very easy to cook and easy to prepare.

With just a few fresh, delicious ingredients, you can prepare healthy meals yourself.

On this page I’ll give you some ideas on how you can prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What can a simple paleo nutrition recipe for breakfast look like?

What I like to use to prepare a simple breakfast are the following things:

For example, I like to fry 2-3 fresh eggs in a pan with butter in the morning.

Then I cut tomatoes, cucumbers into small pieces and sometimes add olives.

A little olive oil provides a delicious taste, and also covers a great need for important fats for the human body.

You can also garnish the food with some herbs, such as basil, parsley, cress, which fortunately can be bought in many shops.

A piece of fruit, such as apple, banana, or orange, best depending on the season, this is of course even better.

Paleo Nutrition Lunch

I find that often too much effort is made to prepare a lunch.

Not only does it make the kitchen look like a hurricane, it’s also a lot to wash up, and you just stand in the kitchen way too long.

That’s why the one-pan rule applies to me:

Everything I eat or prepare has to be done in a pan.
What can it look like?

Very simple: fry some meat in butter and add some tasty vegetables just before it is ready.

Combined: as an example:

Chicken meat, fried butter.
Vegetables: carrots, broccoli, white cabbage.
Allow to cook lightly, then serve on a plate.

Please do not forget the butter! Because this covers further important fatty acids, which the human body needs, in addition it supplies one with further important careful calories.

No, there is no side dish like bread in this example.

Bread, pizza, pasta and other cereal products are taboo.

Since potatoes or rice are (almost) toxin-free, they increase insulin levels and also make for a hole in the afternoon. Therefore only in moderation!

Paleo Nutrition Dinner
This, too, is often made much too complicated in one’s mind than it actually has to be.

Simply fry a little more meat at noon and leave a piece for the evening.

This can be eaten cold.

A little dried fruit, and a handful of nuts, provides further sufficient variety on the menu.

And in the evening you can treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate, which is also very calorie dense, contains healthy fats, and has a great potential to satiate.

In addition, due to the low sugar content, it also protects the insulin level, and you simply can’t eat too much of it.

In addition some vegetables, or also a piece of fruit.

As you can see: Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner do not have to be complicated.