I will show you how you can care for your teeth, mouth and gums, kill unpleasant bacteria, viruses and smells with a simple, inexpensive household remedy.

Of course you can also use the system to detoxify and heal your body. But try the coconut oil oil oil extraction, as a new detox possibility!

What does Wikipedia say about this?
“… is an alternative medical ayurvedic method in which the mouth is rinsed with vegetable oils. This is supposed to remove toxins from the mouth and heal or alleviate many diseases”. (Wiki)

Where can this method help?
It is reported that headaches, bronchitis, toothache, inflammation, ulcers can be treated – and it is healthy for your gums.

Where does this method come from?
This health method was rediscovered by Dr. Karach (Wikipedia) in the 80s. He is convinced that rinsing with olive oil, coconut oil or sesame substances is sufficient. This washes toxins out of the body.
By the way, these oils are also recommended at Paleo24.de (Paleo Fette & Öle)!

Questions and answers
How often do you use it? Daily use is recommended.
Which oil should I use? Use olive oil and coconut oil. According to leading studies, these are the healthiest vegetable oils for humans!
How long to keep in the mouth? Some recommend to keep it in the mouth for 15-20 minutes and to rinse it. But I find this too long. According to other sources, 5 minutes is enough (link to Mercola.com).
Coconut Oil Oil Drawing Instructions

Take a tablespoon as this is tastier than olive oil for most. Pull it through the gaps for several minutes. Do NOT swallow it afterwards, but spit it out.

Coconut Oil Oil Pulling Experience
International studies prove the antibacterial effect of vegetable oils. It is precisely this effect that helps your body at the most important point in the digestive system: your mouth!

Helpful if you have a cold. So you feel the healing power immediately, with a gentle feeling in your throat! Sore throat, cough, hoarseness? Then try the natural healing power!