In 2010, I discovered this for myself rather by chance, and thought you had to try it out.

In the year 2010 I weighed about 87 kg, and looked accordingly thick and overweight.

I now write the year 2013, weigh between 65 and 66 kg, feel super, strong, vital and healthy!

Since the third winter I can effortlessly hold my weight without starving, without gaining weight, or without constantly having to change my trouser size.

I came across this new form of nutrition in 2010 by chance after reading a fitness book (the book, unlike the LCD, however, was not recommended ? ).

I learned about a carbohydrate-reduced diet to lose weight and thought it would be a good idea to try it out.

Because: At the beginning of 2010 I weighed about 87 kilos – over 20 kg too much on the ribs!

Just one example: I am now writing the article in 2013 and weigh a happy 65 kilos.

I don’t have to go hungry, I don’t have to do without (almost) anything, and actually only the first week was a bit unusual to eat differently than the rest of the people in the office.

I can even eat as much of my beloved black, dark, dark chocolate as I want.

Because as I found out, and as I experienced it myself: Chocolate doesn’t make you fat if it contains a very high percentage of fat and little sugar.

On the contrary: dark chocolate is even very healthy and satiating!

By the way, my weight, which is 65-66 kg, is also what I had during my exhausting time in the military at the age of 18!

So, don’t worry, I’m underweight again, still dry! you can also see me in the photos and videos here on the website.

But I would like to come back to the first week, which was really a bit difficult!

The most difficult for me: the first week
In addition it comes that the first week means a very strong change for the body.

You have to imagine that the body has often been accustomed for many decades to get most of its energy from fast carbohydrates.

And of course, for decades the diet also consisted of inferior and disease-causing cereal products.

By the way: it has been scientifically proven that wheat products make you mentally dependent and create a feeling of happiness when consumed.

So much for addictive, unhealthy foods!

By the way, sugar also produces addictive endorphin-like effects in the body.

If you now wonder why so many people can’t get rid of their biscuits and buns, now you know why.

So I fed myself low carb for five days, but then that happened:

It’s hard to put into words, but I felt strange, excited, confused…

My body longed for extremely many, fast and cheap calories!

I’m honest about this, and tell you that I went to McDonalds at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday nights and ordered the biggest menu with the biggest cola and consumed it within minutes.

Of course, the next day you feel like shit the next day, clearly expressed at ? .

Looking back, this was the only relapse in the first changeover period.

But I must also say that I am a very extreme type.

Whenever I try something new, I do it in a very extreme way.

Of course you don’t have to do it like that and change completely from one day to the next.

Just go there and leave out more and more bad carbohydrates from your diet every day.

And replace those bad carbohydrates with healthy fats, healthy vegetables, and healthy protein sources.

Already in the second week my body got used to the fact that from now on there are healthy vegetables, healthy fruits, healthy proteins, and also healthy fats.

But he has to get used to bad and disease-causing carbohydrates.

Besides, it has also been scientifically proven that the body can function wonderfully with fats and proteins.

The story that you need a lot of carbohydrates is a nutritional lie!

The second most difficult thing
Here I have to say that it was often the social influence.

“What do you mean, you don’t eat bread? No noodles? What is there to eat with you?
You can imagine it this way: you are the only one who has no muesli, no bread rolls, and no bread on his plate at the dinner table in the morning in the company or your company.

You will immediately notice if you unpack your breakfast every day with fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and a moderate consumption of meat or sausage.
Of course you also reap various sayings, but I must also say that these were mostly people who had between 20 and 40 kg of bacon too much on their ribs.


This is where I first talk about myself.

Of course there are in the Internet and various forums numerous reports of experiences with people who have lost weight in the middle to two digits!

I find that outstanding!

But earlier, I was rather the average type. Sat much in the office, nourished me badly, and made also too little sport.

The nutrition consisted at that time with me of very much bread, rolls, occasionally Müsli, noodles, Pizza, Pasta…

So really everything that makes you fat and lazy.

So I know how you feel in your body!

Because I was in the same role and had too many kilos on my ribs myself.

Within a few months I could lose almost 10 kg of bacon!

Within a year I had lost almost 20 kg!

You can imagine it like this: in the last two years, until my weight had stabilized at 65-66 kg, I had to change my trousers three times and all my shirts and shirts twice!

Without exaggerating, this was very expensive!

This is annoying…

One of the trousers with waist size 37/38 I have always in the cupboard to memory.

Since I never want to return to this weight class again.

I now feel slim, vital and fit.

Healthy, and strong to spend every day with enough unhappy energy!

By the way, my digestion has also normalized through the renunciation of cereal products.
Spontaneous diarrhoea, which has plagued me since my youth – over!
So I can recommend this diet to everyone!

Before: 87 kg, overweight and flabby.
After: 66 kg, ideal weight, vital and slim.

Is the diet healthy?
Don’t worry, I experienced it myself!

Intermediate blood tests, which I had to make for other diagnoses, which had nothing to do with my nutrition, confirm by the way I am topfit!

The only thing I would like to point out is that you should not do without fruit in the long run.

Many sources recommend reducing carbohydrates completely, but I don’t think so.

Fruit can be an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, and should not be missing in any diet.

Only naturally, you should not overdo it with the consumption.

2 kg of oranges every day will also blow up your insulin level.

But I think that is clear to everyone.

I’ve been following this since 2010.

I will continue to do so!

My weight has been significantly reduced, I have been able to lose weight gently, my digestion has normalized, spontaneous diarrhea is over, I eat much healthier, have more energy and feel better.

So I can recommend this low-carbohydrate diet to everyone!