On this page I describe to you the Low Carb Diet (LCD), experiences & recipes round the offer off.

Here I will also describe to you what the advantages are, what results you can achieve and why you should follow this diet.

My name is Alexander. I myself feed myself as described here, gluten-free and Paleo / Primal.

More in the article: What is that?

This diet describes a form of nutrition in which the proportion of carbohydrates in the regular diet is reduced for health reasons.

The reasons for this are often that superfluous pounds or superfluous weight is to be reduced, or also for example with diabetes the control of the insulin level is easier possible.

I have discovered this for myself as a way to get rid of excess pounds in the past. Successful! Of course, you can also stay fit with a weight vest.

What do you mainly eat?
The meals consist daily of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and healthy fats and proteins, which make up the portion of the former carbohydrates.

Of course, the body also needs energy, which it can very effectively produce from proteins and fats.

This energy source also protects the insulin level, is very well tolerated, satiated, and does not burden the body.

One must also consider here that the common opinion that fats make you fat is absolutely wrong!

Fats do not make you fat, they satiate you. And the body also needs various fatty acids to function optimally.

However, excessive carbohydrate intake due to poor (rice) or disease-causing carbohydrates (cereals) leads to obesity, overweight and diabetes.

Recipes | Dinner | Breakfast | Lunch | Snacks | Snacks | Snacks

In this article I will give you some ideas on how to prepare simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and low carb diet snacks.

You don’t have to worry, feeding yourself this way is really easy!

Also, your fridge doesn’t have to contain special or expensive food, you don’t have to travel very far to buy organic products all the time.

The only thing you really have to do actively is to leave out the bad carbohydrates.

Which carbohydrates are bad?
Here again gladly to the repetition!

Bad carbohydrates from cereals:

Bread, pizza, noodles, pasta, cakes, etcetera.
Unfavourable starchy foods:

Rice, potatoes (contain too many carbohydrates and too few nutrients).
I am very extreme with grain products, here I really prescribe the complete renouncement!

Not only do you consume too many carbohydrates, which increase your insulin level, but the harmful effects of gluten, lectins, and even worse phytates on cereals also damage your body.

As for potatoes, or rice, they contain virtually no nutrients compared to other foods like vegetables or fruits, but far too many carbohydrates.

Potatoes and rice and similar non-cereal products with a high starch content should be greatly reduced or avoided if possible.

Products containing sugar are absolutely taboo.
These include fruit juices and lemonades.
But back to the actual topic.

What can breakfast look like?

This is very simple!

Take two boiled eggs, or fry eggs in butter.
Add some fresh carrots, fresh tomatoes, and fresh cucumbers as healthy vegetables.
For dessert, we recommend a fresh orange, or fresh banana, or depending on the season, matching fruit, which you like to eat.
You’ve already prepared an extremely healthy, quick and tasty breakfast!

What can a lunch look like?
I have to tell you right away that I only eat two meals a day myself: a very late breakfast and a sufficient and generous dinner.

But I will be happy to suggest a lunch for you:

Fry yourself some turkey meat, or chicken meat. Fry something for the evening.
Steam some delicious vegetables in the pan, such as white cabbage, which is extremely healthy!
A few spices, parsley, onions, leek onions, basil to season the whole thing is great!
And here for dessert, you can also eat a piece of fruit.
How can dinner look like?

For example, you can eat the leftover piece of meat from lunch, so you have enough protein.
Nuts, but please no peanuts, these are allergy-triggering and contain too many carbohydrates, you can eat gladly in addition, because these contain very many healthy fats for the body.
Don’t worry, fat doesn’t make you fat, too many carbohydrates do.

And if you like, a small handful of dry fruit.