There are two sources that I would like to mention.

First, German cancer research: It recommends to consume approx. 1 g carbohydrates per kilogram body weight per day.
That’s not much at first, but protect you additionally by cancer prevention.

By the way, this has been scientifically proven by studies that mammals live longer through carbohydrate minimization and can reduce the cancer risk.

At my 65 kg body weight this would be 65 g carbohydrates.
The second source comes from Mark Sisson and his project The Primal Blueprint.

Here no strict specification is made, but a clearance is left, which is divided into different ranges:

Up to 50 g carbohydrates per day:
Fast and easy weight loss. Not recommendable in the long term, however, as healthy fruit must also be avoided.
Up to 100 g carbohydrates per day:
Slight weight loss, and effortless holding of your own weight.
Up to 150 g carbohydrates per day:
Recommended only for athletes who have an increased need for carbohydrates, for normal people with only light physical activity, the fat is already built up and fat storage is hindered.
From 150 g carbohydrates per day:
Here already clear weight gain recognizably.
From 300 g carbohydrates per day:
Very dangerous, clear risks of diabetes, increased insulin levels, additional risk of metabolic syndrome.

Which foods should not be eaten?

I divide this into two areas.

First the area which is absolutely taboo, and then the second area which one should eat only in exceptions, or if one has its ideal weight. But then here only in smaller sizes.

Firstly, all cereal products are absolutely prohibited:

Bread, pizza, pasta, noodles, muesli, cornflakes, etcetera.
They all contain too many carbohydrates, prevent the build-up and breakdown of fat, increase insulin levels and also contain substances harmful to the human body such as gluten, phytates and lectins.

Also forbidden:

Fruit juices, lemonades, other products with a high sugar content.
These are also harmful to your body, and should be avoided.
Allowed in exceptions, and in small quantities:

If you have reached your dream weight, you can also eat potatoes or rice in exceptions.
But even if you do, you can only eat smaller amounts so that your insulin level doesn’t skyrocket again.

What food can you eat?
You can actually eat all foods as long as you leave out unnecessary or bad carbohydrates.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy meat, nuts, healthy fats such as butter, or olive oil.
All this should not be missing on any menu or refrigerator.

Which fats are healthy?
My favourite healthy fats and oils are:

Olive oil, coconut oil, lard and butter.
What results can be achieved with this low-carbohydrate diet?
Innumerable successes, which are reported in the Internet by experiences and forums, show that I let lose weight with this nourishing form effortlessly and without starving.

Of course you can’t go there and eat miserably again after the first successes…

I myself have also lost more than 20 kg over a longer period of time in a very gentle way!

My digestion has also normalized, spontaneous direct dialling has been a thing of the past for me ever since.

In summary, I must say that I now eat much healthier, could gently reduce my unnecessary weight, and also my digestion normalized.