The personal success story of Alexander after switching to Paleo Diet:

The reason why I recommend all this is in this case my own experience and the results I have achieved.

I have been following this diet since 2010 until today, and together with proper training I have lost almost 20 kg during this period!

That is my weight loss of almost 50 pounds!

By doing without cereals and cereal products, such as muesli or bread, I also noticed that I do not tolerate these products and react with health problems (diarrhoea, gastrointestinal problems, allergies).

By omitting cereal products, these health problems have disappeared! Excellent experience, isn’t it?

Gluten? Can this be associated with a gluten-free diet?

Yes, you can!

By doing without bad carbohydrates, flour, wheat, bread and pasta, gluten can also be avoided.

Gluten-free diet Food and eat with the Paleo Diet

No pasta, no grain and no excess kilos lost, down from 87kg to 65kg!

Why shouldn’t you drink juices?

What are the most important fats and oils? What do I buy in food and groceries?

What are the best nuts? Which fruits and how much vegetables do I buy?

Which foods are healthy and gluten-free?

What makes you fat and what does this mean for your insulin level?

Is it possible to lose weight? What are my experiences?

With the new diet I have:

  • unnecessary kilograms of fat lost,
  • no more gastrointestinal problems,
  • approx. 20 – 25 kg weight removed,
  • a better body feeling,
  • healthier lifestyle

A diet that really works and that I don’t really want to call a diet, but a change in diet!