Bad breath is a rather unpleasant affair that many people suffer from today. This can be particularly unpleasant when people are in direct contact with each other. However, chronic bad breath is one reason why many people are simply ashamed. But this does not have to be at all. After all, even today there are still more cases where good treatment is possible. After all, it is also important to know the causes in this area and to get help from a dentist. Finally, it is easy to combat this problem by following the tips on oral hygiene.
Bad breath is currently a kind of folk disease. A quarter of the population today suffers from mild to severe bad breath. Patients who take nicotine in particular often suffer from it. But these are not meant in this case. In most cases, bad breath is merely a disorder that is directly present in the pharynx. This is particularly caused by stomach problems in humans.

The suffering of mankind – bad breath is often not recognized

Many people today do not even know that they suffer from bad breath. In that case, they can’t even do anything about it, let alone do something about it. It is therefore important to contact your doctor directly so that he can help you find a solution. But where are the real causes and how can you fight bad breath? Everyone who notices that he suffers from bad breath should finally undergo an examination. This can give you information about why bad breath is present and what you can do about it. Inflammation of the gums and above all carious teeth can also be a reason why bad breath can develop. Older people in particular often have problems with this. The nursing staff, who should then take care of them, should also be able to help. Eastern European nurses, who are often cheaper, also help in this respect. Usually also these have special Tipps, which one can draw then to the rate.

Causes are often simple and simple

Furthermore, chronic sinusitis or reduced salivation can also be the cause of bad breath. However, the doctor can determine the real causes of bad breath. Unhealthy and poor nutrition can also be a reason. Finally, nutrition also plays an important role for beautiful teeth. Bad breath therefore becomes unpleasant, especially due to certain foods:

– Garlic
– onions
– spicy sauces with certain acids

Therefore, everyone can even say in general that too much protein can also lead to bad breath. Bacteria are thus stored directly in the pharynx. They actually live there in gum pockets and in the gaps. Bacteria actually eat the protein-rich food you eat every day. Therefore, the more protein the body consumes, the more food is available to the bacteria in the oral cavity.

One should therefore already try one or the other household remedy before one goes to chemical products. This is especially important for older people.