It is very important to have sufficient knowledge about the choice of the massage one chooses.

It is crucial that the popularity of massage treatment has clearly increased in recent years, that it is possible in various massage practices, but also with specially trained therapists to find.

In most cases, people look at the massage according to what it does for you.

Nevertheless the attitude is o.k., but a little more knowledge never hurts.

If you include Traditional Thai Massage in the closer selection of the application you are considering, you should know the following facts.

It is regarded as a branch of traditional Thai medicine.

It is said to have been invented by a doctor in the fifth century BC, but this is doubted by other sources.

However, today traditional Thai massage is one of the three branches of traditional Thai medicine.

The other two belong to meditation and healing through food.

Successful treatment is considered a medical discipline by many people.

This expression comes from the fact that Thai massage is used in many different areas to enable various treatments for different diseases.

In addition, the treatment is regulated, organized, and monitored by the Thai state administration.

After that one has to keep in mind that there are also many unsupervised areas, especially in western countries.

Roots can be traced back to Chinese medicine as well as Ayurvedic healing.

Recent research suggests that the combination of Ayurvedic treatment and Chinese medicine makes Thai massage so successful.

This is because the founder was a healer who used many aryurvedic practices before inventing massage.

His travels also led him to Chinese medicine, which later found its way into Thailand.

He completed the knowledge about healing and medicine in the traditional Thai medicine.

There is further evidence that the Thai healers, with their massage, massage certain lines on the body that are similar to Chinese traditional medicine.

Here energetic centers are stimulated, and still tries to bring the person in harmony.

There is also a touch of Indian philosophy.

Because it is important to pay attention to the special nature and attitude of the patient, depending on which body you find yourself in, you should also follow certain postures and movements according to the patient.

In this way a special balanced treatment is made possible and the harmonious balance of the patient is restored.

In order to record again which special and good, as well as successful applications are possible, the following list:

Painful joints can be repaired.

Tension in the muscles can be relieved.

Inflammations in the body can be treated.

Relaxes the body in general.

Can rejuvenate the body.

Increases the circulation of blood, can reduce blood pressure, and one feels refreshed and even after the treatment.

All in all, traditional Thai massage is a successful application that brings patients back into physical balance, releasing new energy for the next day or week.