Many people who do not yet know Thai Massage ask themselves what the procedure and treatment might look like.

However, one should not really worry so much, because this form of treatment is particularly healthy for the body, gentle, and promises a balanced and relaxed behavior of all important physical functions after the treatment.

This article explains how the treatment may work.

Before the treatment it is important to have a talk with the healer.

Here you can discuss personal difficulties, wishes or even pain and clarify this in a conversation so that the correct form of treatment can be used in the application.

The therapist decides which movements, which application and which form of therapy can be used to relieve the pain or to harmonize the energetic states.

So you should think in advance what your goals are, what your wishes are and express them clearly.

Light clothing that gives way easily, conveys a comfortable body feeling and is not constricted is important, because the therapist brings the patient into positions, and some freedom of movement is necessary.

Certain exercises are regarded as stretching the muscles.

This is a decisive element in loosening tense muscles or blockages.

Firm, tight clothing would only hinder you and reduce the relaxed experience.

So before the actual application begins, get out of the clothes that are put on every day on the street and into comfortable clothes!

Usually the therapist starts at the feet, uses a variable number of fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, own feet to stimulate and treat certain parts of the body.

The feet are treated at different reflex zones, pressed, but also stretched into different positions, turned slightly, so that later more freedom of movement is possible again.

Don’t worry, this form of massage is not really painful, but you can notice that the muscles in the body are clearly tense, which the therapist tries to loosen.

Afterwards, the individual legs are treated, lower legs up to the thigh, along the physical energetic lines.

Not to forget, of course, the back, where most of the tensions of the usual patients sit, who have to do a lot of office work.

However, forearms, upper arms, hands and fingers are not forgotten and treated in the session.

Finally, the head is on, no wonder, even the eyebrows can be massaged, the earlobes pulled, and even the forehead is lightly massaged.

In the end you are completely kneaded from bottom to top and have enough energy again to face the demands of everyday life!

The treatment of Thai Massage in Wiesbaden can take about 60-120 minutes, depending on the agreement and the difficulty expressed by the patient.

At the beginning, a weekly treatment is recommended, after a period of 4-6 weeks the treatment could be reduced to once a month.

With this rhythm you can get practically many of the physical problems in, and achieve a new balance!