Work can actually make you sick, as many experts have found. Doctors have enough patients who complain about back pain due to poor posture at work. What is certain is that doctors should set a good example and organise their work processes in such a way that the health of their employees is as low as possible. Patients are very good observers. If they are already sitting uncomfortably in the waiting room or see that the specialists are sitting on bad chairs, then it will be very difficult to convince them to change something in their own workplace.

Sitting at the workplace
It still is valid, dynamic sitting should be promoted. Static sitting on the other hand should be avoided my physiotherapist. Even the daily work routine should follow the recommendations of the occupational physicians in practice. This means that 50 percent of working time should be spent sitting, 25 percent in motion and 25 percent standing.

Sometimes leaning against your back
However, those who sit in front of the screen for longer or have no backrest do not live a healthy life. A chair without a backrest is the death of your back. After a short time you will complain that your back hurts. Actually, it’s really good for your back if you lean back and relax while sitting. The backrest gives the musculature a break. At the same time, the spine is relieved. So you should always lean so that the back forms an angle of 130 degrees to the thighs.
In addition, sitting permanently on large gymnastics balls can also lead to bad side effects. This is certainly not pleasant. Due to the constant unstable sitting, the muscles contract permanently. This causes muscle tension. Furthermore, the blood supply to the back extensor is inhibited.

Ergonomic chairs for higher productivity
Employers should know that employees choose their jobs not only for financial reasons. In addition to money, an attractive and healthy workplace is crucial. As employees sit healthier, fewer of them will complain. Healthy sitting has been shown to increase productivity. Finally, high-quality office chairs create a better working atmosphere where everyone is happier.