What to do with colds – flu-like infections – colds. Which medications help against flu? Which household remedies can help with a cold? What tips are there? Therapy?

What do you do if you catch a cold? I do this to overcome a cold as quickly as possible and to strengthen the immune system against colds!

My tips against colds and coughs – what helps with household remedies?
To the doctor. The doctor can determine that it is “only” a cold and no flu.
Spare it. It is better to stay at home for 3 days than to work for 2 days with a cold and to delay the cold, which in the end might mean a whole week or more sick leave.
A lot of drinking with a cold. This is the most important tip! Drinks at least 2 litres a day. This keeps the mucous membranes moist and the mucus liquid. The body can thus better remove the viruses. Water, tea, fruit juices.
Good teas.
Prospan against mild to moderate coughs and colds. If the cough has already started, take the remedy 2 – 3 times daily. It dissolves the mucus excellently. It is vegetable and well tolerated and much better than some chemical drugs.
Nose cream. The many handkerchiefs scratch the nose. If this is not creamed it peels itself.
Handkerchiefs. I prefer paper rolls. They last longer ?
Ventilate. Airs more regularly and more often than usual. This distributes the dry heating air in winter.
Take a walk. Fill up with fresh air for 1 hour a day. This stimulates the organism and circulation and helps with flu infections.
Chicken soup. Proven chicken soup or simple chicken broth helps to kill cold viruses. (It really is so!) Even bag soup is enough. The additional liquid is also good for the body.
Fruit. Apples, bananas.
No painkillers. ACC and similar pain killers can mask the symptoms of a cold. You feel fit again too soon.
To make your misery known. Tell as many people as possible how bad it is ?
Avoid nasal spray. Saline solutions are much better.
Avoid sports. The body needs rest and protection. But 1x a day out in the fresh air for 30 minutes!
Vitamin C and zinc for colds. It supports regeneration.
With these tips you should have survived a cold in a few days. If not – go to the doctor!