I’ll explain the Paleo Diet rules to you.

Agriculture and the cultivation of cereals have brought about a great change in eating habits.

But the human development did not withstand it.

Because our bodies and our digestion are still designed for protein-rich, low-carbohydrate nutrition.

In short, this means that we are not equipped for carbohydrate-rich and low-protein diets such as those produced by agriculture today.

Civilization diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, arthrosis, gastrointestinal problems, are also unknown to today’s wild primitive peoples.

Nevertheless, in today’s diet we eat predominantly carbohydrate-rich foods, such as cereals, bread, sugar, which lead to diabetes and obesity and many other diseases.

In PD, a heavy consumption of carbohydrates is avoided and is therefore a low-carbohydrate diet, but not completely carbohydrate-free.

If at all, a source of carbohydrates is only fruit and vegetables, as was the case with hunters and gatherers.

Cereals are expressly not allowed, as cereals, especially gluten, have been proven to have harmful effects on the human organism.

Also, this food provides much more healthy fats than the normal, industrial form of food of today’s humans.

Also, humans are built to treat fat, healthy fats, as a preferred source of energy.

This is excellent so that the body can work optimally.

The body needs a certain amount and special quality of fat: these are especially omega3 fats, but today’s consumption of omega3 fats is very low, and omega6 fats much higher.

A proper ratio of Omega3 to Omega6 is important for the immune system, digestion, heart and protects against diseases such as cancer, and problems with the immune system.

It is recommended to eat a high protein diet, reduce healthy fats, and carbohydrates, and stay away from processed foods.

Examples of simple paleo recipes:


Eggs, fried
Vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers
some olive oil over the vegetables.
A piece of fruit for dessert

fried chicken, in butter
vegetables, carrots, cabbage
a piece of fruit for dessert

a piece of fried chicken from noon
two pieces of fruit
a small handful of dried raisins, and healthy nuts
What’s not necessary?

None of this is a food combining diet, but is based on nutrition & food that is adapted to human genetics.

You don’t have to count calories, and hunger is completely absent.

To sum up again, which foods and foods are not allowed?

Dairy products,
Peas and lentils,
Finished products,
Food with a high Omega 6 content.
If the correct ratio of Omega3 and Omega6 is important for health.
This may sound a lot, but after just a few days, you know immediately which foods and which diet is healthy and unhealthy!

Is milk and dairy products allowed?
This is seen somewhat controversially that strict adherents say that milk and milk products are to be avoided also here.

I see myself somewhat in the middle.

I have a moderate, light consumption of dairy products, such as cheese, but I know that the intake of dairy products is not the best for the body.

I don’t like milk itself, nor do I drink it.

Can no longer recommend drinking milk because of hormonal stress.

In addition, today’s cows are fed with cereals or soy, which continues to produce an unhealthy ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.

Homogenization of the still healthy fats in milk also produces smaller fats that are harmful to the body and can be recognized as foreign, which can trigger inflammatory reactions and allergies in the body, before processing and after processing.

Very few people really know this!

Which milk products I consume myself:

I prefer lactose-free or lactose-reduced products such as goat cheese, which is much more digestible for most people.
Also one must consider that with milk products, the own acid-base-ratio in the body is negatively influenced.

It is then necessary to consume enough vegetables to avoid the harmful effects of a too acidic body.

In this way one can restore one’s own acid-base ratio to equilibrium.

The milk conclusion:

For problems with dairy products: Avoid dairy products.
Depending on the possibility, rely on lactose-free products, such as goat cheese.
Avoid milk completely or use fresh milk (without homogenization).
And should you still consume milk on your farm